International Association of Dental Specialists


How will this meeting be different from all the other dental meetings?

Much of the value that attendees derive from dental meetings comes not from what they hear in the lecture hall, but from the conversations they have in the hallways.

iADS is turning the hallways into the lecture hall. Instead of attendees listening for hours to a few experts, we will take advantage of all the experts in the room—the attendees themselves.

Most of the meeting will be devoted to workshops, mastermind sessions, and facilitated small group discussions.

An iADS meeting is not a series of lectures but is a highly organized networking opportunity to share information and brainstorm with fellow specialists.

Unlike any other meeting for specialists, an iADS Specialists’ Conference harnesses the collective knowledge of the attendees and shares it with the group.

There are many iADS members who have great insights into practice issues and clinical challenges. In the new iADS model the students are the faculty and vice versa.

Join us for a collaborative learning experience—specialists teaching each other and learning from each other.

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Every day specialists receive information online and in the mail promoting CE courses. However, most of these meetings target general dentists, not specialists.

Our goal is to help you cut through the clutter. We promote meetings and CE opportunities for specialists.

If you are an iADS member and would like to promote a course or meeting, click here. The meeting or CE opportunity must provide useful information to dental specialists.