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    Could somebody give me the name of a periodontist in San Jose? I did an a-cellular dermal matrix graft on a patient on 3/14/12 and two days later he left Seattle. Patient just called and says he “sees white stuff coming through the gums”. Oh crap. Anybody want to take a look at him who’s in San Jose?





    Call Howard Low or Rich Gao (see AAP book). They may be able to help you.

    I am in Oakland near Berkeley and I have used AlloDerm for over 15 years. Bottom line with exposure: perio pack with antibiotic powder mixed in. We are using doxy now because tcn is not available. We mix the powder with perio pack for most root coverage grafts and practically all AlloDerm grafts. For years I did not use pack but now that I have for many years I feel I get better healing.

    If you need someone to see your patient let me know, but I am about an hour away.

    All the best,



    Thanks so much, John. I’ll try to get in touch with Low or Gao. By the way, all you contribute to this forum is greatly appreciated.



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