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    Dear Group,

    A dental consultant contacted me today regarding a product, Ostinol,

    The consultant advised me that this PO product was “prescribed’ as a BMP to support osseous surgery and bone grafting by a periodontist.

    The periodontist was seeking reimbursement for the procedure. I clarified with the consultant that he was not using INFUSE–He confirmed that the literature provided for the reimbursement by the periodontist was for Ostinol and not INFUSE.

    Is any one familiar with this product and this application for periodontal regeneration? I am not ware of any periodontal based literature that discusses its usage for regeneration.

    Thanks for any insight you might offer regarding this matter.




    I visited the Ostinol site that you recommended. This product claims to contain BMP and four other growth factors. If you check out this site you will see that Ostinol is meant to be ingested?????? I would sincerely like to see any data that suggests this product has any measure of clinical effect above chewing on a bone. (It could even be sterilized garden bone meal.) The only literature sited is almost 30 years old(Marshal Urist.)

    Your skeptical colleague,



    As an aside, every product on the market that contains DFDBA claims to have BMP.
    I have called several manufacturers to find out if they can send me assay’s to show me exactly how much BMP is contained within their product. No one will do it. I don’t think that growing bone in a muscle pouch in a mouse is enough to substantiate the claims that the manufacturers make. Has any out there ever seen the assays from any manufacturer that show how much BMP is in their product?




    No, but I think we’re familiar with (or have at least read at one time or another) Zvi Schwartz’ paper showing tremendous variability in BMP/osteoinductivity of different batches, different tissue banks that process and sell DFDBA.



    As soon as I read Bob’s reference to a Schwartz paper, it immediately reminded me of an article I read by Mellonig around 1995. My memory apparently failed me by 1 year and by the principle author. Bob, I guess great (or horribly degenerated) minds think alike. Thought I’d include the abstract if anybody’s curious.



    As we consider the classical literature regarding BMPs in bone allografts, I would suggest another JP article from September of 1995, Human demineralized freeze dried bone, inadequate induced bone formation in athymic mice. A preliminary report. Urist was the second author (Becker, Urist, Tucker, Becker and Oschenbein. The authors tested DFDBA from four bone banks testing for mineralization in the hind quarter muscles of athymic mice. What was most interesting about this article was that Urist the “father” of BMP research questioned the utilization of DFDBA for bone induction in periodontal defects or adjacent to dental implants.



    In my review of the literature concerning the use of DFDBA, it’s use consistently resulted in less bone resorption vs it’s non use.
    That is my rational for using DFDBA.



    Thanks for citing one of the studies I worked on. My role in it was to actually spend zillions of hours staring into a microscope and counting (with specialized software) the area of vital bone versus gornisht (non-vital bone). I had the pleasure and true honor of flying down to LA to spend just a little bit of time with the Man himself (Urist) in his lab. To give you his unadulterated version, he didn’t merely “question” the use of his brainchild in perio defects, he thought it was ludicrous that any of us would even think it had a chance of working. Urist was a fine gentleman and a delightful human being. May he r.i.p.


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