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    How do you feel Osteocell and similar products compare to block grafts? I have a few anterior cases, an area I’ve struggled to gain adequate bone, and I have considered this product as an alternative to an autogenous or allgraft block.



    I won’t tell you about my personal communication with Dr. Pikos on how he’s changed his thought with biologic modifiers. I’ll let him tell you himself.
    HOWEVER, when I have needed vertical height, I have used regenaform (frozen) or infuse with a mesh. I have not used Osteocell as of yet, but am looking into it (based on comments from others on the blog).



    I have used Osteocell for verticle ridge aug with tenting screws and a tacked barrier to house the bone. I perforated the barrier for blood access to the graft. It worked great.
    I have used it more frequently for totally pneumatized sinuses when patients did not want to wait 9-12 months for their implants. I placed the implants at 4 months into very good bone.
    In all cases ,I extended the graft with particulate: Bio Oss in the sinus and FDBA for ridges.
    Hope that helps,



    This is the kind of thing that sometimes happens when grafting the anterior maxilla. I get this great soft tissue response, but little to no bone.

    Btw, this case was a 40 year old woman who had congenitally missing laterals and had given up on her Maryland bridges. I grafted the contralateral side successfully, but this time I had to do a second graft. I was hoping we might have something better than a block graft for stubborn sites like this.


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