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    February is Heart Disease awareness month and Gum Disease awareness month.

    Check out this article from Dentistry IQ:

    Treating periodontal disease: Helping patients’ total health

    Given the link between periodontal disease and heart health—not to mention tooth loss and the multitude of other systemic diseases linked to periodontitis—it is important for patients to accept effective treatment. Treatment itself is not enough; treatment must be successful to have an impact. (8)

    The first step in effective treatment is diagnosis. Is your hygiene team actively looking for the disease? Do you have a proper probing protocol in place? Patients often don’t understand, or simply ignore, the warning markers of periodontal disease, so it is imperative that your office has the tools in place to inform patients. Initial symptoms of periodontal disease are often silent—i.e., symptoms do not actually appear until later stages.

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