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    You would regenerate here? I simply remove the fur-cation. And I am done with it pretty much forever. I think this case is now 15 years old. Also notice the added connective tissue to correct the dehiscence. So in essence I have totally changed the environment for future periodontal breakdown. Removed the fur-cation so maintenance is excellent and added connective tissue to protect the lack of bone on the mesiobuccal root.

    Have a great day,



    OMG ANOTHER “CT” graft ……..what a surprise……give it a rest…..




    we did this once before where you threatened me. Ignore my posts but as far as I am concerned I was talking about treatment of furcations. Open your eyes blind one. It was about treating fur-cations! You threatened to punch me once before, remember. You are one sick puppy! I will not stoop to your level.

    Have a good evening,



    I vote for regeneration.
    Barrell into the tooth to erase fur-cation, then crown? percentage that need endo after crown prep? Success of endo for molars as assessed by periapical or via CBCT? Radiographic success much lower on CBCT.
    Preserve tooth structure when possible.



    You are an Arrogant,Opinionated ,Egocentric OLD COOT…AND IT IS TRUE YOU CANNOT TEACH AN OLD FART NEW TRICKS…you have one trick in your bag and frankly it is the easiest most predictable periodontal procedure…..start your own Blog …How to do unnecessary “CT” grafts and increase your Fee base….




    The below comments are simply disgusting. Read all of my posts and they were civil and well written. The conversation was about furcations and different treatment modalities. Dominics comments are simply unacceptable and I have had several private e-mails telling me he is a PRICK!.
    NOW your site has a ton of lurkers that don’t post yet I get private e-mails from them asking me questions about basic perio surgery that they don’t want to ask on the forum. ALSO Dominic is not even a Periodontist. I did not make one comment that would give him the right to say what he did.
    Your site is incredible and I have learned a lot. Please remove me from the list as frankly this type of stuff is simply revolting to me and others.

    Thanks for all your efforts!


    Let’s make it even more simple. In the absence of bleeding on probing, inflammation, sensitivity, caries, need for restoration – why even treat the site?
    If you are going to treat, in a patient with this excellent home care, I would go for regeneration every day.



    Hi Alan,

    These comments by DAD are totally uncalled for on a public forum.
    Perhapsthey are even libelous.
    Please intervene – civility MUST prevail!
    Quite frankly, I envy Danny’s surgical, restorative team involvement and documentation skills.
    Whether we agree or disagree with a specific treatment concept, we all “must agree to disagree”



    Thank you Colin!

    This public attack on Danny was totally unwarranted and totally unprofessional.

    Enough already.



    here here. nice call Colin.



    Dear Alan,

    Greetings to you and the family.

    What you need to establish is a Code of Conduct only then you have a document that governs the behavior of the subscriber.

    This document is signed and the person agrees to abide to the rules of engagement.

    Anything else can be misconstrued as a personal attack or systematic attacks that some may even call it a conspiracy.

    We must treat each other at the level but the rules must be agreed beforehand.



    PS I am not in defense or support of anyone just want to establish a level plain field. This is a blog venue for the exchange of ideas and opinions among other purposes not a venue for the learning of etiquette, sensitivity, civility, morals, ethics or the study of statues, regulations and case law. However all can be touch upon accordingly in the process of the original mission.

    [photograph redacted]

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