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Welcome to the iADS Blog

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We are the International Association of Dental Specialists

The iADS blog provides information for dental specialists and their patients. For anyone just becoming familiar with iADS, we are the Association of Dental Specialists. Our unique professional organization is an interdisciplinary group open to all dental specialists. Therefore, our membership includes periodontists, endodontists, orthodontists, prosthodontists, oral surgeons, and maxillofacial surgeons. Until now, there have only been professional organizations representing dental specialists one-by-one. iADS has been created in recognition of the enormous potential – and need – to bring together all dental specialists. It is also important to note that general dentists are not eligible for membership, although they are invited to participate in some of our planned educational programs.

The founding principles of our iADS are unique to the needs of our members.  iADS is a community of dental specialists devoted to sharing ideas, obtaining the results of research and product reviews targeted to specialists, developing mentoring relationships, educating the public about what we do, and discussing specialty practice management. Unlike other groups representing a single dental specialty only, we bring together all disciplines for professional enrichment and the benefit of our patients. Our iADS website includes a unique forum where our members can view and share information in real-time. No other resource available today matches us as a professional organization for all dental specialists.

How Does iADS Serve Patients and the Public at Large?

A primary goal of iADS is public education about the role of each dental specialty. Most people know that if you have a heart problem, you see a cardiologist, a dermatologist for a skin problem, and so on. Unfortunately, when it comes to dental specialists, there is much less knowledge. Therefore, it relies almost entirely on general dentists to make referrals. At iADS, we see the tremendous potential benefit to patients in educating them about the services and expertise of dental specialists. iADS Founder Alan Farber, DDS, a leading periodontist in Long Island, NY, also has cited the group’s public education mission as among the most important reasons for its founding.

The main iADS website provides service to members, and a second website is planned soon to provide information for patients. It will provide descriptions of each dental specialty and what it offers. We hope that with this information, more patients will become in touch with dental specialists directly. Therefore, reducing the role of general dentists as gatekeepers for most patients. Examinations and treatment from dental specialists make significant contributions to better oral health and saving teeth. Because iADS members include appropriately certified and trained specialists, providing a membership directory viewable by anyone can be a vital public service.

What Can I Expect to Read on the iADS Blog?

The iADS blog will feature posts about dental specialists and the services they offer as well as articles of specific interest to members. Many of our members participate in and publish research that is worthy of coverage and attention. Also, significant advances in treatment occur continuously in all of the dental specialties, and we will help to increase awareness of those deemed to be most important. We also will strive to highlight the significant opportunities and benefits of coordination among specialists. Patients benefit directly as well as the practitioners themselves. Because the specialties have been siloed in individual organizations since their establishment, bringing experts together will reveal ongoing benefits and opportunities.

As posts, articles, and reports on research build though the years, the iADS blog will become an essential archive for news and advancements in all dental specialties. It provides a direct means for our members to reach the public and each other with articles of interest and value. Also, it will continually provide information about the progress of each specialty and how together these add up to powerful resources for patients in need of treatment and care.  Thank you for reading, and we look forward to posting much more in the future!