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“We are an organization that provides a platform for all Dental Specialists to flourish by advancement of the art, science, and business of specialty care.”

Dr. Alan H. Farber, Founder and CEO


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iADS is an organization created by specialists for specialists. Our purpose is to strengthen you with knowledge and abilities to not just survive, but thrive in today's ever changing dental world.


We are recognized dental specialists committed to providing quality specialty care to patients. We foster interdisciplinary treatment through collaboration among you, general dentists & other specialists.


iADS provides you with a focused growing environment to strengthen your skill set, mindset, and help you achieve optimal success in your life and career.


iADS yearly subscriptions are $1,200, with a monthly instalment of $100. We offer a referral incentive to those in larger practices or those who enlist their respected colleagues. Be part of a progressive organization; join now for a unique opportunity to help shape your future and the course of dentistry.

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